Nature Photography


Nature Photography is the art of displaying the great outdoors. It is devoted to displaying all aspects of nature, from plants to animals. Nature photography is more about capturing the nature (such as animals) in their natural habitat rather than artificial environments such as SUFFOLK PHOTO STUDIOzoos. However, due to restrictions, many nature photography enthusiasts will photograph nature in the artificial environments such as London Zoo or Kew Gardens.

Becoming a nature photographer can take a lot of skill in the art of photography as the photographers must face new environments every time such as a change in lighting, depth, scenery etc… So will have to make adjustments accordingly and quickly. There are also many ethical restrictions to consider as many of the most sought after animals are endangered so photographers have to make sure that their presence is not causing unnecessary stress to that animal. Also with plants, nature photographers must make sure that they are not damaging the plant with any brief and intense exposure of light.

However, nature photography is usually the most popular form of photography to amateurs because of how accessible nature is. This is one of the pros which many other forms of photography do not have the luxury of. It relies of the photographer so the photographer can pick up his/her camera at any time and start shooting as they do not have to rely on a model to show up.

It is recommended that a nature photographer has a tri pod with them instead of always using their hands as it will make an impact on the clarity of your photos, particularly when you are photographing something small like a flower. Also, you should note that the best times for photographing nature is in the morning and evening as this is when the sun is at more of an angle so will create more drastic shadows. And lastly, try not to edit your images too much, they should be about capturing the rawness of nature and not be artificial where it’s possible. After all, it should be the impact which the nature has had on you which should lead you to take the photo in the first place, so no editing should be needed.

Suffolk Photo Studio offers you the chance to become an experienced photographer for a very reasonable price. This course will allow you to become aware of lighting and how to handle different situations and how to properly handle your camera, perfect for a nature photographer.